Sunday, June 23, 2013

Release Day for Undeniable!

Undeniable is now live! 

Extraordinary talent, undeniable love…
Following the discovery of his fetish, rock guitarist Joey Manzetti’s girlfriend leaves him, taking their child. When his neighbor, nurse Tracy Richards is assaulted by her date, Joey comes to her rescue. Sick of dealing with abusive guys, Tracy swears off men.

When Joey learns that the child he loved isn’t his, Tracy is supportive, and as their friendship grows, so does the sexual attraction. However, fearing another failed relationship, Tracy refuses to acknowledge Joey’s romantic overtures. She inspires him like no other, but can his kinky secret assist him in the quest for her love?  All Romance Ebooks

Let's celebrate!!!!!


  1. Congratulation! Kobo, here I kome :-)

  2. Congratulations!! I'll take a sip of that. ....Bubbly!! This guy deserves a caption. "Doctor Doctor come quick!! something is terribly wrong with my dick!!"

  3. Yay, just got my copy, thanks Cheryl,can't wait to start on it!

  4. Thanks, ladies! I've been updating some of my self-pub files, no telling how they'll come out now, but I hope the formatting is improved!

    You could probably fix whatever is wrong with his dick, Donna. I have great faith in you!

    Great! Hope you enjoy it, Susan!