Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tasty Tuesday Incredibly Easy Crockpot Roast Chicken!

In an effort to simplify my life a bit, I recently bought one of these big, oval crockpots and have been having great success with it thus far. This past Sunday, however, I discovered something truly wonderful: A whole, frozen chicken can be dumped into it, seasoned with just about anything, ignored all day, and still emerge tasting fabulous!

I was pretty wiped out when I got home from work Sunday morning, but before I went to bed at about 9 or so, I took a chicken out of the freezer, put it in the crockpot, doused it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then sprinkled it liberally with Lawry's Perfect Blend seasoning and rub for chicken & poultry, turned it on low, and went to bed.

When I got up at 4PM, it was perfectly done, so I turned it off until dinnertime and made some brown rice and green beans to go with it. The sauce (minus the fat) left in the bottom of the crockpot made a great addition to the rice, too.

Another tasty version is to douse the chicken with melted butter and lemon juice, and then sprinkle with salt and cinnamon. Like I said, you can put just about anything on it and it'll be good.


  1. Hello everyone. Did you miss me? The convention was fun but it's good to be home. I caught up with all the posts and I missed some yummy stuff.

    Crock pots are great. My friend uses hers a lot. And the hunk. I mean really, do I need to say more?

  2. Hi Ana
    I missed you. There's a lot of pressure when you're the first one to post. You have to be witty & set the tone for the rest of the commentors. Thankfully you're back. I can relax now.

    I have a crockpot somewhere. Haven't seen it since we moved 16 years ago. Time to get a new one. I'd like to marinate this guy.

  3. I agree, crockpots are great, Ana, and they're pretty cheap at Walmart. Best $20 bucks I've spent in a long time!

    You've done just fine, Mary G! Dust off that old crockpot and marinate away! I bet it still works!

  4. This is no Crock. Crockpots are one of the best Inventions since God made Adam. But just look at the beauty and perfection in this God's best creation "Man" But, I think this guy works for Jiffy Lube. I'd like to join him under that Car. I have a squeaky joint.
    My W/V is Hangs. I say more like Tight and high. I need to go put something in my Crockpot. I'm going to be busy.

  5. Welcome back Ana. Yes, of course we missed you! Hope you had a fun weekend. How was your conference?

    Thank goodness mechanics don't all look as good as today's hunk. I'd be taking my car in for every little thing. Though, he looks like he's under a small plane; won't have to worry about owning one of those any time soon. :)

    Crock pots are fantastic. I think you can make almost anything in it. Cheryl, did I understand correctly that you put the chicken in frozen? I didn't know you could do that!

  6. I love, love, LOVE my crock pot. I rarely cook with anything else (hubby has to do the cooking if I can't crock it - lol). I never thought about crocking a whole, frozen chicken. I'm thinking you must have a bigger one than I do. Maybe I need to get a bigger one, too.

    (yes, I just made myself giggle... oy... such a dirty mind I have...)

    Now I have TWO reasons to drool. :>]


  7. I agree 100%, Donna! Crockpots are a truly great invention, especially when you want something like a roast in the summertime and don't want to turn on the oven. The house stays much cooler!

    Yep, that chicken was frozen solid when I put it in there, Lisa. If you've ever cooked a chicken all day like that, you'll know how they tend to get a little overdone, which is why I thought about putting it in frozen so it could go all day and not turn to mush. It was still really tender, though.

    I bought the bigger crockpot (not sure about the actual capacity, but the box said it would hold enough food for 6-9 people) hoping to put one of those frozen turkey breasts in it. The turkey breast was too big, but a chicken fits just fine!

  8. Ana,
    I forgot to say, I missed you at the #1 spot. I'm glad you're back. I hope you had fun.
    I put frozen chicken into the Crockpot today. Oh it smells good.

  9. I'm already hungry and reading about that chicken has sent me over the edge;) I love my crock pot too...had it for years but generally only use it when I'm doing a pot roast. Mine has a meat rack so not even liquid is added AND I have an insert that allows baking a cake! I really will have to try that one day:)

    Okay...will it be the chicken or the wiener. Ummm...I think food for strength and then I'll wrap that hot dog in a bun for dessert;)

    Welcome back Ana. Glad you had fun. I saw your notes on FB so I didn't have to miss you;)

    @Lindy. I love dirty minds;)

  10. P.S. Not to rub it in or anything but the Book Goddess jumped up and gave me another smooch. Show n'Tell on my FB wall. I'm happy dancing into the kitchen to feed my pie hole now....

  11. My Crockpot Chicken turned out great. 1 hour before my hubs came home, I threw in a bag of microwave brown rice. A package of Trader Joes Frozen flavored Vegetables. It blended with the rice. EXCELLENT. Lucky dog Nancy B.

  12. This is for Nancy, I too have a Crock Pot that has the cylinder for baking a cake. Tried it once, it turned out pretty good, it just takes so long. Maybe one day when I have time....

  13. Never heard of the cake baking feature, but it sounds interesting. Congrats on another win, Nancy!

    Glad your chicken turned out well, Donna!

  14. Thanks for the congrats amigos. You know what fun it is to win a BOOK and I've been on a lucky streak lately. There are other established contests that I've entered FOREVER and couldn't win if my life depended on it. I like this side of things better. *snort*

    @Jessica. *grin* Well yeah, the crock pot cake does take a long time but doesn't everything in a crock pot? Sometimes I used to put a roast in before going to bed and then it was done by morning...particularly handy when I was working.

    @Donna. Glad your chicken turned out so well but I gotta ask...does anything you cook ever NOT turn out good?! *grin* Good thing you don't live close because I'd be at your dinner table every night but, I would do dishes in exchange;)