Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tasty Tuesday Crab Stuffed Peppers!

Leslie has been sending me some terrific recipes, and this one looks like a keeper! I'll have to try it out if I can ever get to my grill again. . .
Crab Stuffed Peppers

This is a very tasty and exotic recipe using the grill. I imagine that by now you’re all thinking “Are you crazy Leslie it’s freezing out there!” But trust me when I say that once you taste it you won’t mind the cold weather so much.

1. 2 poblano peppers
2. 1 tbsp pine nuts
3. 4 oz snow crab
4. ¼ cup shredded mozzarella cheese, part skim
5. 1 cup mushrooms, finely chopped
6. Salt and pepper to taste

1. Slice tops off peppers, but keep the top with the stem attached.
2. Remove seeds and rinse. Drain peppers upside down.
3. Mix together remaining ingredients and divide between the two peppers.
4. Replace tops and secure with toothpicks that have been soaked in water.
5. Grill until peppers are soft and blackened. (Don’t worry they are not burned)


  1. I've never really liked peppers too much but I love crab so much and this recipe does look pretty delicious.

    I love the pose the hunk is in and the tattoos are intriguing especially the one low on his hip. Oh camera a little more down please. XD

  2. I love peppers--habaneros are growing wild in my backyard (they're too hot for me, but I can trade them for milder ones with my friends) and this recipe sounds DELISH!! The hunk's pretty nice too---

  3. I grew habaneros once, but never again! I actually ate a raw one whole and then spent the rest of the day in bed while it blazed a fiery path through my intestines. I could actually feel where it was located. Weird and unpleasant!

    Unlike the hunk who is hot, but not unpleasant!

  4. Well, well, NOW this is putting the crabbies around here to some good use. Just Toast them. And I think Miguel has a hot Habanero below that southern most Tattoo and dark pelt. OH YES!!! VERY TASTY!!!
    This recipe could be baked in the oven Cheryl.

  5. I love peppers and crab which makes this one of my all time favorite grill recipe. Donna you're right, it can also be made in the oven.

    Cheryl you eat a whole Habanero chili pepper?! WOW! Poor you :(

    Did you know that even though the Habanero pepper is named after my birth city in Cuba it's thought to be originally from the Yucatan Peninsula?

    OMG! Miguel has EXOTIC written all over his delicious body. I love how you can see the different angles of his body through the mirror. Yumm, Yumm!!!

  6. Yeah, stupid, huh? I'll never do it again. I'll never grow them, either. To me, they don't even taste good; they're just HOT!

    I'll have to try this recipe in the oven. It looks really good and I love crab!

  7. I will have to share this recipe with my husband. With all the crab we have in the freezer, he'll wanna give this one a try. He's been making crab stuffed jalapenos deep fried in a beer batter. It's too yummy for words!

    Cheryl, years ago, when my hubby played paintball for the NPPL, he did a lot of traveling. At one point he came across a hot sauce called Dave's Insanity. I have no idea what was in this, but it was so hot, that even just dipping the end of a toothpick into this sauce and then tasting with the tip of the tongue made grown men start to sweat, faces got red and puffy and NOTHING could dull the heat from this sauce. They thought it was funny to trick people into tasting it. Some tried to be macho-but in the end they were all taken to their knees in pain.

    So I get the your habanero distress.

    I'm liking the mirrors in today's photo...lots of shadow's and angles, but definitely not low enough! Love the tatts!

  8. LOL! That reminds me of the time the husband of one of my friends was tasting some hot sauce and must have gotten some of it on his fingers. Then he had to pee. A little while later she found him in the bathroom with his dick stuck in a glass of water.

    And no, I'm not making that up!

    The stuffed jalapenos sound incredibly good. You'll have to send me the recipe!

  9. Yes, Lisa, You've got the crab. This sounds like a great way to use it.
    Speaking of Hot!!!
    I'm trying to put some smiles on your faces ladies. I know Miguel gave you a smirk and maybe even a tongue hanging out moment. But To me HOT is this man. It's Scottish Day on Ellen. So I had to take out the Big Guns. And I still can't believe to this day. That these lips once touched my lips!!!! Oh my god I need the shower.Now
    ENJOY!!! SMILE!!!

  10. Wait a minute, Donna... You have KISSED GERARD BUTLER?????

  11. I don't EVEN know where to start but Donna, "And I still can't believe to this day. That these lips once touched my lips!!!!". I want to hear every bit of this tantalizing story in delicious detail. I believe I would be forced to yell OMG! OMG! numerous times and crown you as an honorary queen in your own right;) Gerard Butler's lips touched Diva Donna's?! {{keep breathing, keep breathing}}

    I know your heart was in the right place yesterday with Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole 'IZ's, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" but Dudess, he died at the age of 38! Just saying....;)

    Nice angles on today's hot chili pepper hunk...and if the photo dropped down just another 7, 8, 9 inches or so, it would have been even more outstanding. *grin*

    At the moment, the news is blah, blah, blahing about more snow tomorrow and the next day. Effing hell! I'm going to have to kill myself now (but I will wait until after Whopping Weasel Wednesday;).

    I'm one of the peeps who doesn't do more than 'mild' when it comes to ANY food heat. It's not enjoyable to me to have my mouth and throat burned out. Shrug. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to hot spices and hot peppers because clearly, I've heard people use "hot" and "good" in the same sentence.

    Crab Stuffed Peppers sound good even if I don't really know about 'snow crab' but I LOVE Cheasapeake Bay crabs (went crabbing as a kid and had so much fun). I'd use a red pepper versus a green one because I find it easier to digest.

    There is a community grill here in the condo complex where I live BUT it would take a snow plow to get to it so I'd opt for the oven as well.

    I'm going for a walk to see if I can manage an attitude adjustment. More snow! Are you fucking kidding me?

  12. Nancy, LMFAO at your final paragraph. IDK, something about you dropping the F-bomb just pushed me over the edge. THANK YOU! BTW, I grew up in Hawaii and IZ's life and death were both extremely tragic. In addition to being extremely overweight, he suffered from severe depression that even his success in music could not pull him out of. After Donna's post I pulled out the cd's that I have by him-he was so talented and he's so very missed.

    But our hunky Miguel just brightens up everything don't he?!

    @Leslie=how's your horse?

    @Cheryl-will get recipe from Jamie when he comes home and will email you!

  13. The snow started to melt here and now I have to work. I just wanted a whole day off. Just one lol.

  14. LOL! Nancy! You're killing me! We're supposed to get flurries and snow showers over the next two days. That much is okay. It's the stuff that piles up and sticks around for weeks that gets me down. How much did you get, Ana?

    Yum says it all Helen!

  15. Looking forward to that recipe, Lisa!

  16. hey ladies! i love the mirrors. he is 2 hot. & stuffed pablanos 2 go with him...yummmmy

    wednesday is not coming fast enough. this funk is not going away. winter is staying 4ever. i am putting kyra up 4 reverse bidding on ebay. i will pay someone 2 take her as long as they take her mouth & attitude with her! do i hear any bidders?

  17. Nancy--you're one smart lady! A red pepper is more digestible than a green one....because it's MATURE. A green pepper is not yet RIPE, and thus is less ready to be eaten and digested than one that has been left to ripen and gather all the good vitamins and such ...only one more thing that benefits by being older and more mature...GREEN peppers are not ripe, and that's why you can't digest them properly--anyone remember burping that 'pepper taste'??? That's because it wasn't ripe and ready to be eaten!

    After the one time I tried habaneros (I made salsa with them) I have let them dry into little orange/brown raisins on the bush in my backyard, unless one of my more adventurous friends decides to come over and glean them. Worse than the burn when they go into you, is the BURN they manage to leave you with as they come OUT of you!! I use peppers up to the level of Jalapenos on the Scoville scale, but past that, I DO NOT GO.

  18. Cheryl,
    No, I didn't kiss Gerry Butler.
    I told you this story once I thought.
    My daughter lived in Europe for a few years. She was married to a Cute Dutch Guy Nork. He was doing Camera work on the movie "Dear Frankie" in Scotland. Which was filmed before he did Phantom of the Opera.
    Gerard Butler was on the set the day we were visiting. Nork set me up. I wasn't really introduced to him. He told me this is Gerry he's working on this Movie. I had never seen him before. We were introduced to other crew members and some actors while they were having a break. Nork told me to ask Gerry if he knew what a snog was? So dumb me said. Excuse me would you happen to know what is a snog. He started laughing. He said: Yes, Donna, I can show you better than tell you." He told me to stand up. He walk over, took my hand walked me over to this step stool. Told me to go up 2 steps. He put his arms around me and laid a full mouth kiss on me, tongue and all and picked me up and twirled me around. Hey, I'm not light. He Put me down. He said: "Now that's a proper Snog." All the guys where cheering and whistling. I was so embarassed, I was weak in the knees and down right flabbergasted and I had to pee real bad. I remember squeaking out a Thank You and rushing to the Porta Potty!!! That was a highlight of my trip to Scotland. But the biggest Shock came 4 years later when "Phantom of the Opera" came out and I seen him on a talk show promoting the show. OMG!!! I was kissed by the Phantom of the OPERA. I have one picture of him. But, my bag with my camera and other possesions was lost and never found. I suppose whoever stole my bag has all my pictures somewhere. So Ladies, I love Gerry Butler. I get weak and have to pee real bad everytime I see him. I've seem POTO about 15 times. http://video.about.com/movies/Gerard-Butler-on-PS-I-Love-You.htm

  19. Ladies,
    I hope this will cheer you up.
    This is what Gerry looked like when he snoggd me.
    He must have been filming the dance scene that day. Because I remember he was wearing a dark green shirt like he's wearing in this clip.

  20. Cat Master...Some how I can't get that picture out of my mind of your friend's husband sticking his dick in a glass of water. LMAO. It also brings to mind the very clear graphic of the fleshjack being demonstrated...it's the same principle...but probably a LOT more pleasurable.

    Lisa...Glad I could give you a grin:) I've been to Hawaii for a "houseparty" (in other terms, a convention, only it was all about miniatures - as in scale items for doll's houses). I flew to Hawaii and then boarded a cruise ship to bunk in with friends that were also attending. The ship stopped at several of the other islands for day trips for about a week. I extended the trip by myself for an additional four days on the mainland to soak up the beauty of the Island before returning home.

    Hawaii is one of the most gorgeous places I've ever visited...the weather was perfect and the flora and fauna were spectacular. It's been years ago now but even mentioning Hawaii always brings fond memories.

    Wonder if Diva Donna is still in the shower trying to cool off? If so, I imagine she's looking a lot like a prune about now. Wonder if she took her little rubber duckie in with her? *grin*

  21. i was born in hawaii. lived there for 1.5 years. havent been back since. now i am almost 40 (sniffle sniffle...more depressing news). would love 2 go back!

  22. Diva Donna...Sweet Goddess! What a wonderful story and after the clip, I'm in need of CPR. Amigos...if that isn't cause for wet panties, then I don't know what is!

    Paulette...Sorry, I only do kids I can give back:) I KNOW you must have had a high five moment after hearing that our very own Diva Donna was snogged by Gerard Butler. Hoo-rah! Personally, I had to locate my fan.

    Suzy...I learned the difference in the peppers by trial and error and you are spot on why I always choose red peppers over green ones.

    Queen Yah-Yah bows low to Diva Donna for the story of the day. Hands-on (lips, mouth, tongue) always trumps fantasy! I might have to search out my own little rubber duckie;)

  23. Paulette...You stop that sniffling, girl! You are ONLY 40 and there's plenty of time for you to return to Hawaii if that's what you want:)

    The teenager from hell will one day be a fully functioning adult even though there's never a guarantee for any parent(s) as to the outcome. All you can do is your best, and hope that's enough. The End.

    Just think...Whopping Weasel Wednesday is growing closer by the moment. Pressure is on the Cat Master to get us over this humping snow and anything else that ails us;)

  24. My rubber duckie sprung a leak.

    Because I'm having Flashbacks of Scotland.
    Gerry has a nice package. He held me close to him. I was wearing only a T-Shirt and Capri's that day. HMM!!! He felt good.

  25. Aw Paulette, I'm starting to feel your pain. You must have been a very young mom to have a 17 yr old already. I'm 46 and my oldest just turned 14. He's a really good kid, does well in school but the attitude is just starting to show itself. My daughter is only 10, but I get way more grief from her already. I can't imagine her in her teens.

    You are still YOUNG! You'll get through this! And YES, you still have time to get back to Hawaii!

  26. i was 22 (almost 23) when i had her. ok, i need 2 stop crying in my pepsi, pour something stronger, & accept it. b4 i bring everyone down. i am sorry. i didnt mean 2 do this. i hate being unhappy.

    lets think happy thoughts. i will b better once june is over. my birthday is june 5, but i will need the month 2 forget...lol. like everyone says 40 is not that big of a crisis. i just feel 72 right now...lol. it will b better.

  27. Diva Donna...You are a wicked woman. "Gerry's" nice package held against you with practically nonexistent material between you! *Drool* You really are a dog! I'm eating my heart out:)

    Guess I'll have to settle for watching for signs of an Olympian yummydoodle sporting itself. *snort*

    DD: Are you sure your rubber duckie didn't lose battery power instead of springing a leak?;)

    Paulette...All is never lost when you can keep your sense of humor, which obviously you can. I had a good chuckle over the suggestion of putting Kyra up on a reverse ebay auction. (There is no doubt in my mind that every mother alive, at one point or another, has threatened to give away or sell off her teenage kids. When I was very small, like most kids, I used to threaten to run away from home. My parents used to offer to help me pack and then watch as I probably loaded up what was my lunch box. Then they would watch me for the block or so before I changed my mind and returned home. Actually it was good training...teaching me that I was responsible for my own actions:)

  28. Ana so glad you finally got the snow you wanted. *Sigh* I wish we could also get some down here in Miami, so far all we're getting its lots of rain.

    Lisa besides being a little groggy Boxer is doing great. I just got back from picking him up. Thanks for asking :)

    Nancy! LMAO! You're hilarious Queen Yah-Yah!

    Cheryl! Your friend's husband stuck his dick in a glass of water?! *rolling on the floor LMAO* Seriously I haven't laughed this much in a long time and you and Nancy have manage to make me cry from laughter.

    OMG!OMG!OMG! Donna you snogged Gerry?! You are THE MAN girl! lol!

    Paulette hang in there! Hopefully it'll be over soon.

  29. Paulette.
    There are brighter days ahead. Actually Whopping Wednesday might make you forget your own name and age.

  30. Hey, Paulette, it's not easy raising kids, especially when they get to their teenage years---but it's the same thing humans have been doing for millions of years--I survived having 4 high-schoolers while living in a 3 bedroom apt, with a new husband and we both had full time jobs, so, if I can do it, any human can!! She's probably so much like you were at her age, that you don't know what to say to her---just take a step back and breathe deeply--and then belt her one, just as your mom wanted to do!! Just kidding about the belting her--but there's a lot to be said for looking at our kids as if they were US, and thinking about what we would say to ourselves if we had the chance---

    DDonna-- All I can say is WOW--you got to snog with the GERARD!! Bronze your lips, sweetie--that's the height of wonderfulness!!

  31. ty suzy, belting her 1 is exactly what she needs! (but the bratty child hid all my belts!)

    u r right, suzy, u made me feel at better. 4 highschoolers. i will bend down & rub lotion on your feet! all my respect 2 u!

    leslie, i am glad that boxer is doing better. i keep wanting 2 call him rocky...lol...u have a horse named boxer, i have a boxer(dog) named rocky...see my crazy connections??? i miss FL. i used 2 live in boca raton.

  32. It's amazing what I miss when I have to go to work! I do remember the Gerry story vaguely, Donna, but I think you told it better this time!

    Glad Boxer is doing well, Leslie!

    Paulette, hang in there, baby! We're with ya!

    From these posts, it has become apparent that we all need to go to Hawaii, have some crab stuffed peppers(red, not green), and snog Gerry's lips off!

    Did I miss anything????