Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Goodies!

Recipe courtesy of Leslie!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Cherries


  1. Waxed paper-lined baking sheet
  2. Fresh strawberries
  3. Fresh cherries
  4. 2 Tbsp. of butter
  5. 12 oz. of dark chocolate (melting wafers)
  6. 12 oz. of white chocolate (melting wafers)

Party City sells melting wafers that taste good and hardens quick so it's perfect for making this treat.


  1. Rinse and dry the strawberries and cherries (not taking off the stem)
  2. In a microwave safe container place the dark chocolate and one Tbsp. of butter.
  3. Microwave for one minute and then stir. Repeating the process until the chocolate is completely melted.
  4. Holding by the stem dip each strawberry and cherry into the dark chocolate coating 2/3 of the berries and leaving 1/3 uncoated.
  5. Place the berries on the waxed paper-lined baking sheet and put inside the fridge to cool down.
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the white chocolate after the dark chocolate has harden on the berries.
  7. Holding by the stem dip each strawberry and cherry into the white chocolate coating only the tip of each berry.
  8. Repeat step 6.
Enjoy! :)


  1. I just love chocolate covered strawberries. Mm this sounds yummy yummy.

    And that hunk is interesting. I mean the mask, it's mask right? Wowww.

  2. Yummy Cheryl, Thanks Leslie,
    Let's dip his Yummydoodle in Chocolate Ana. Lisa do you want some to? Queen Yah-Yah, Paulette, Mary G., Ms.M. Does anybody have a Chocolate Fountain? Let's Dip some Marshmallows and Angel food Cake? Pretzels. Join us all you ladies. It's all delicious and decadant.

  3. There's a 'Chocolate Bar' here in San Diego, where they serve various hand-made chocolates paired with wines and beer (!!), and they make something like this, but before the chocolate sets, or hardens, they sprinkle a few grains of either Kosher salt on it, or else that pink rough-grained salt from Tibet...and it enhances the flavor incredibly!! Wish I could take all you ladies out to the place for Valentine's Day---or ANY day, actually! We'd have a lovely time, and probably scandalize all the other people in the place with our laughter and wild talk and outrageous subject matter...what fun it would be!!! If any of you ever find yourselves in this neck of the woods, please look me up, and we'll go somewhere and have ourselves some FUN!!

  4. By the way, Ana--I think it's a blindfold??? They say that some sensory deprivation will only enhance the remaining senses---and it looks like it's working on him!

  5. i will b making those strawberries. they look 2 yummy. then i scroll down 2 the most erotic picture i have ever seen. wow! could we please blow that up & hang it over my ceiling. sure, i know my husband will get a little (entirely) angry, but it would b soooooo worth it for at least an hour - while he's at work - maybe he would never fint out. ok, now that sound like a plan!

    donna, i will b a chocolate fountain so we can have fun dipping things into it. in the meantime, please pass the hersery's syrup. i really want a taste of that!

    i finished larissa ione's book "Ecstasy Unveiled" yesterday (which explains why i wasnt here). i just couldnt put it down. the love was just 2 intense. i cried! i love a book that brings out strong emotions. the sex - ooohhh, way 2 hot. i ejoyed the inertaction with the charactures of previous books. it made me laugh & brought back reminded me why i liked smurfette. its a really good book. i highly recommend the entire series (this is the 4th book & 5 will b out this fall)

  6. Good morning ladies! Anyone up for chocolate dipped... anything?

    Haven't read Larissa's book, but I have read a few with her as the other half of Sydney Croft. She was kind enough to read Rogue and give me a cover quote, which I appreciated very much!

    I'm heading up to Indy in a little bit for an INRWA meeting. It's pay your dues day. Can't miss that! Be back later this evening. In the meantime, have fun!

  7. Suzy, My hubby is all into this Salt and Chocolate thing. I tasted it and it's a unique flavor. I suppose just like the sweat and Chocolate flavor we'd get off this breath taking man. Lisa lives in Santa Clara. I'd love to venture down to you ladies and enjoy some good times. My Favorite Stage performer and friend Eric Kunze lives near San Diego and performs in the area. I'd love to come down for one of his shows. He's performing in Houston, Texas right now in Miss Saigon.

  8. Paulette,
    I still haven't read any of Larissa Ione's books. I have 3 of Sydney Croft books from Lisa in my TBR. The Storm series. So you want this Hunk on your ceiling? He sorta walked off the pages of that book. Right? He pretty fine.

  9. Ana, I want Strawberries right now. I looked closer. Ana, that is a Mask. I can see cut-out Eye holes. Oh he's dark and really Exotic, Erotic. And he really has a Strong Grip. Hey Teto, Let me hold it for you!!! Ms. Leslie, Where are you. You got to check this out!!!

  10. Chocolate Strawberries are one of those really decadent treats that, luckily, can be made at home. I've done these many times and they are always a hit. Never tried the cherries though!

    Melted choclate on today's hunk just conjures up all kinds of exotic images! I bet he's all sticky already. You ladies have been at him a while now.

    Hey Paulette, I've read Larissa's books too and yes, Lore's was fantastic! I'm looking forward to Sin's spinoff. Have you read Lara Adrian's Midnight Breeds? Today's hunk looks like prime breed stock!

    Have fun with the chocolate covered stud ladies-I've got sick kids to take care of, so I'll check back later to see how you all are doing!

  11. lisa, i have not yet read that. i will absolutly look into it. thanks 4 the recomendation!

  12. Good Morning Girls!!! Good to know everyone likes a chocolate cover hunk . . . I mean berries. Donna I also think he’s wearing a mask. I can just picture covering him in chocolate and having my wicked way with him. Yumm!

    P.S Don’t forget the Catena Alta Malbec to go along with the treat. The combination of that wine and the chocolate cover berries is an explosion to the senses.

  13. Salt and chocolate sounds good. I can vouch for Larissa Ione's books too. I started reading Ecstacy Unveiled and yum yum :D

    Now I want chocolate strawberries XD

  14. Oh, I don't even know where to start:) Well okay, the most obvious...the masked hunk holding his very fine yummydoodle. I'd let him grace my bedroom ceiling, for sure. Dip his wick in chocolate? Bring it on ladies!

    Chocolate, strawberries, cherries and my all time favorite angel food cake. Chocolate and something salty...I can so recommend an ultimate treat here: Petersbrooke Chocolate Popcorn -

    Be very careful Diva Donna and Suzy or anyone else who loves the chocolate/salt combo. It is thoroughly addictive.

    If I should ever get to any neighborhoods that house Cheryl's Amigas, I'll definitely look you up so we can have some fun.

    The Sydney Croft (duo of Stephanie Tyler/Larissa Ione) the Storm series books. Also Larissa Ione solo. Can't make a fair determination for myself yet on Stephanie Tyler solo.

    Excuse me now while I get back to all the wicked delights that have been presented:)

  15. Grrr...what I meant to say was that the Sidney Croft storm series totally works for me.

  16. I kinda like the hunk's tattoo, among other things.

  17. Before I even clicked to make a comment I knew what I was going to see - more than one suggestion about chocolate covered yummydoodles. Since none of us have ESP I can only assume we all
    have a sweet tooth LOL.

  18. I went to Curves worked out. Went right to the store for Strawberries and Wine and I bought my favorite kind of Chocolate dipping wafers for Fruit, Nuts, It's called Dolci Frutta. I making a Cheesecake and topping it with the Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and whipped cream for my RG. The wine will be for me. LOL!!!

  19. lol! Good for you Donna! I just finished doing the fruit platter for tomorrow’s beach picnic. I put the chocolate cover strawberries in the center and I added blue berries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, and kiwi. I couldn’t find any cherries but it still looks yummylicious!

  20. Sounds delicious Leslie. I hopw your Beach Picnic is nice. No Rain or Snow.
    I sure love coming back to look at this Erotic hunk. He just has the best DIP Stick.

  21. Oh lots of tasty treats today!! Yummy food and yummydoodles!

    What more could a woman (or gay man) ask for? *grins*



  22. DIP stick LOL Donna.
    How can I keep a straight face at the gas station now?

  23. Mary G.
    WARNING: Make sure when you're at the gas station you don't pull it out and taste it. LOL!!!

  24. Looks like you ladies had fun today! I had a great time at the INRWA meeting and learned some new things--but no one was talking about chocolate dip sticks there!

    Be sure to catch Ana's Valentine's Day story here tomorrow. It's hot and sweet!

  25. Cheryl, We're glad you have fun today. But not as much fun as we did. I sure like the taste of chocolate covered dip sticks now.

    And the fact that Mr. Romance is now waiting for a hug at the RT's. Is even better. You'll probably have to get mine too.

  26. LOL! I'm sure he'll have forgotten all about it by then!

  27. HAHA!!! I will not let him. He'll know all about the Cat Master when he gets there. And you'll get that Hug!!!! And we will get pictures. LOL!!!