Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tasty Tuesday Yummydoodle Dandy Cake!

Donna has put together the perfect cake for Yummydoodle Week!

Rich and Smooth and delightfully sinful. 9x13 pan 350 degrees.

1 cup flour

1 cup butter
1 c chopped pecans
Mix & spread on bottom of pan & bake 15 min. Let it cool.
1/2 of 12 oz. Cool whip topping
8 oz of cream cheese

1 cup powdered sugar

Mix together and spread on second layer.

3RD layer:

1 large box of instant Chocolate pudding (or your favorite flavor)
3 cups milk
Blend until thick and spread on 2nd layer

4TH Layer:

Spread remaining half of Cool Whip on 3rd layer and sprinkle with NUTS!!!


  1. I love making cakes. This sounds like a great recipe Donna thanks for sharing! I'll have to try it out.

    As for the yummydoodle... For some reason I imagine him interrupting some kind of meeting with all the tables and chairs around. But it is a very nice yummydoodle to play with. And I like his smirk :D

  2. Picture of the Cake? Wait a minute. This is the Yummydoodle Beef Cake. By the way. You can spread any leftover Cool Whip on the Beef and Enjoy!!! Who needs any other pictures or directions? Well, I'm heading out of town with my rod and reel and going to find a fishing hole. Check in WWW night.
    Have fun.

  3. This would be a good one for the Fourth of July, too!

  4. The cake sounds decadent! The guy looks like he could handle left over Cool Whip easily! Meetings...Schmeeting...let's PARTY!!!

    Enjoy fishing Donna, Ana, Cheryl and I have having a party with cake and Yummydoodles at the Red Table Inn...LOL

  5. Ummmm...wonder what has Mr. Tasty Yummydoodle Tuesday standing tall?

    Oh wait, I know...he just got a gander at Diva Donna's Dandy Cake...and is anticipating burying is dick in all that cool whip...and then, and then having the Diva lick it all off:D

    @Ana...Am loving your slut puppy outfit along with your adorable purple hair cut. You know...it's always the quiet ones. I can so see a whip in your hand. *grin*

    I'm envious of Diva Donna 'gone fishing'. I used to love to fish with my folks. What do you want to bet that our Donna comes back with something that doesn't scales?

  6. ...make that: "that doesn't HAVE scales."

  7. Me, too, Nancy. I haven't been fishing in so long I've probably forgotten how.

  8. LOL. It's a wig. I like purple but don't know if I'd dye my hair that color. We're having a party where Jessica? :D

  9. Cake recipe...what cake recipe? Aw, guess I'll have to go back for another look.

    Ladies, I've missed you all and boy did I miss a lot of gorgeous and yummy dicks these last few days. I've finally had a chance to review and wow! Reminds me of when I first found your blog Cheryl. I think it was dick week then too, and then there was the week when you compared nose size to dick size. Yup, it was hard to be away from the blog last week, but I can honestly say going back and checking out what I missed was lots of fun!

    My family left today and I miss them lots already. But I'm happy to have my house back to myself! Only, now I have so much laundry and straightening up to do. Geez-it's just never-fricken-ending!

  10. I so know what you mean, Lisa. You miss them, but the return to normal is just as good.

    LOL on getting the dicks all at once! Shocking, isn't it?

    I wouldn't even have the guts to wear a purple wig, Ana. You rock!

  11. I have another easy recipe. Guy in pic and whipped cream. No cooking, no problem.