Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tarq's Tasty Tuesday Omelet!

So, Yah-Yahs (and other lurkers)! What do you think of the cover for Stud?

In honor of this occasion, I thought I'd put up a recipe that is mentioned in the book. His secret ingredient, alas, is not available on Earth, but it's still pretty good without it.

And, yes, he can cook it for you....

Tarq's Favorite Omelet

In a small skillet, saute 2 or 3 sliced fresh mushrooms in 1 tbsp butter over medium heat until cooked through. Set aside.

Beat together:
3 eggs
2 tbsp milk
1/4 tsp salt
2 dashes of ground black pepper
1 tsp or more of basil pesto

Melt 1 tbsp butter in a non-stick skillet. Heat until bubbling. Add egg mixture and cook until done, either by flipping the omelet near the end of cooking or by lifting the cooked eggs to allow the liquid mixture to run underneath it. When omelet is done, top with mushrooms and grated cheese of your choice. Fold in half and enjoy!


  1. Another beautiful cover Cheryl.
    Love the blurb - there was only one thing he was good at.

  2. It's a very nice cover Mrs Brooks. Hmmmm why do I get the feeling your talking about me when you say lurkers... Lol :-) Y'all ladies have a beautiful day.

  3. hi everyone. sorry i have been MIA. mom is doing great. she's made decisions that are having a negative effect on my life that i just cant discuss right now b/c its too fresh.

    please know...even if i cant b here...i hate saying things that r sad here...b/c it spoils the mood that cheryl creates...that i love all of you very much. i am glad that all of you have touched my life in ways that i cannot express.

    typing...2 difficult 4 real life...i will do my best 2 check back in soon...i am so sorry 2 bring everyone down again...i am so tired of drama, hurt, & pain...i am so tired

  4. Paulette
    So sorry you're going through such a difficult time. We're not fair weather friends though. It's just as easy to laugh as it is to cry.
    This is the best place to do both.

  5. Good Morning from a self-professed lurker! I love your website, Cheryl, and try to check often, if not daily. I think the new cover is great and the omelette recipe sounds yummy...but not as yummy as the new book cover!

  6. Thanks, Mary G! Glad you like the cover and the blurb. Would you believe that's actually the one I wrote???? I think the last blurb I was responsible for was on the cover of Slave. Of course, there's still PLENTY of time for someone to decide to change it. Some of my friends have said he looks too young, but I'm okay with it. His hair isn't long enough, either, but at least you can see it. This was a case of choosing my battles, as it were.

    Glad you're mom is doing okay, Paulette, and I'm sure you must be exhausted. I'm guessing the dispute you're having with her has to do with whether or not to accept any further treatment. Those are tough decisions for everyone, but one that you can eventually come to accept. Just remember that we're here for you through thick and thin!(((HUGS)))

    Glad you aren't lurking anymore, Elizabeth. No need for formality, though; you can call me Cheryl! Or Cat Master...

  7. LIFT YOUR CHIN UP PAULETTE!! When Life throws you lemons. Make up a big pitcher of sweet lemonade and share it with your friends.
    Another Wonderful Sexy Book Cover Cheryl. I suppose the secret ingredient will only be revealed in STUD. HMMM!!!
    Has anyone seen or read "Tickle My Pickle" by Sadie Allison? It's your hands on guide to Penis Pleasing: 50 Hand and oral love-making techniques.
    Sadie claims to be a PENIS GENIUS.
    Now, I think that title should be posted on this blog. And Cheryl should wear the Crown. Do you ladies agree?
    Just think of all the creative Penis Pleasure her Zetithians provided us and her heroines. And I bet STUD will provide Stellar penis performances.
    And we will never be able to buy a scalloped penis or the magic Joy juice at any "Pure Romance" Party. We may see Vincent someday, but LEROY won't be there to demonstrate his amazing talented Tail. LOL!!
    Will we get to read more about LEROY in the next books Cheryl?
    I hope, I hope.
    Well, I need to go make a omelet.

  8. Glad you like it, Cynthia! Tarq is even yummier!

  9. I might have to get a copy of that, Donna! Just to see if Sadie knows something I don't. There's always more to learn, you know!
    And, no, Leroy is mentioned in Virgin, but doesn't make an appearance. The next three books won't feature many of the previous characters, though Jack makes an appearance early on in Virgin.

  10. Gorgeous, just beautiful! I love the coloring,kinda bright and I love that he's blonde **wink** and this models lips are so kissable! Recipe looks good too, love omelets!

    Paulette, take it easy. We all know this is a difficult time for you. I don't know how old your mom is, but it's important for her to feel like she has control over something I'm sure. I think one of the most difficult things parents deal with when they are older and unwell is letting their children take care of them. It's been the other way around so so long and that loss of control on top of illness is very difficult to deal with. We are here for you!

    Donna, I can't believe that book exists. Do you remember that book from Acheron's book? I thought is was fake..but it really exists. :)

    K, one more look at the cover! :)

  11. Beautiful cover Cheryl, love the blurb, bet its not cooking omlets :)

  12. I just noticed this cover model is the same guy as on Warrior. I think The models just scream to be on your books. They won't do any others.
    I just had a light bulb go on. We must get Vincent for your next book signing. Can he look like a Zetithian. He'll have his Buns signed already.

  13. Yes, Lisa, Tarq is a blond. Think Blond Muddy Guy's hair on Derrick Davenport, plus the usual Zetithian characteristics, and you've got him!

    Very good, Donna! I think it's the same guy too. LOL at having Vincent at a book signing. Depending on where it is, he might have to wear more clothes!

    And you're absolutely right, Susan. His talent lies in another, far more interesting, area.

  14. I thought the same thing about the model being the same as Warrior. It's the lips that give it away, right?????

    I agree, Vincent should attend your next book signing. I'm sure B/N and Borders have rules about clothing, unfortunately, however, he's definitely eye candy and he could just hang out and look pretty!

  15. Cheryl - Love the book cover! Sexy, sexy, sexy.

    Donna, OMG! I feel like I'm confessing, but I own Sadie's book! I think it was pretty good on giving some oral ideas to try. I have one other that I thought was better - "Blow Him Away" by Marcy Michaels. This one focuses more on tongue. lip, and mouth exercises to ready one for the, ahem, event. After doing those exercises for a while (which I am doing as I type), I find I can better control when my man "finishes" instead of getting the tired jaw syndrome.

    (Blush!) What can I say? I want to be the one my hunks fantasize about years later.

  16. So does that mean Alicia is now our PPE? So maybe you might share a tip or two someday.

  17. Oh Alicia, to be young and free and have resources such as Tickle My Pickle at your fingertips.

    I want to do my 20's over...anyone have a magic pill for that??????

  18. Hey Donna, shouldn't that be BJE??? I'm just sayin'....

  19. Ha! Hasn't everyone two books on BJ nuances in their nightstand?

    I think I know what BJE stands for. I might have to think on PPE for a while...

  20. I think anyone with TWO BJ books on their nightstand should get recognized in SOME way....

  21. Loving the new cover, Cheryl! Looks yummy!

    Spent the day editing a fascinating (not) nonfiction title and now I'm finally getting to checking out the Web...wouldn't it be lovely if I didn't have to actually work, but could spend every day writing? Yup...that'd be grand!!

  22. Umm...there is continuity in the STUD cover. I love your blurb.

    I'm glad you dropped by Paulette. The situation is what it is and you'll work through it because you can. I'm glad your Mom is doing well...and I understand enough to know we each have to make our own choices - whether or not others agree...even loved ones. We'll see you when we see you and that will be when you're ready to come. Peace out and hugs, girl.

    My question: Is it really all that hard to please a penis? I'll read Tickle My Pickle or Blow Me Away if da man reads a couple of books on the center of my universe;) Just sayin'....

    PPE=Pickle Pleaser Expert??

  23. Love the cover and blurb, Cheryl! I can't wait to get my hands on it to read! I love that he's blond, too. It's a nice contrast from all the dark haired guys on most of your other covers.

    Not that I'm complaining...as you know...I LOVE dark haired exotic men!!! And believe me...you could put any color of hair on a Zetithian and I would love him!

  24. Nan,
    I thought yesterday would be my day to be an all-day writer, but life interferes, even when I don't have to go to work. Maybe someday...

    You make a good point, Nancy. Pickles probably aren't that hard to please as a general rule, and I seriously doubt that many men make a study of the best ways to please a woman--at least, not to the point of reading books on the subject. More of them probably benefit from on the job training.

    I've never been a big fan of blond guys, either, Noelle, but we must make concessions in the interest of variety! Not that a blond hunk is a hardship for anyone to look at...