Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday???

As you may already know, Donna has a copy of the Pickle Tickling book, and she sent me this recipe. I have made similar concoctions before, but never noticed that it had any particular effect. Confused? Read on.

You'll understand soon. . . .

Donna writes:

I found this interesting recipe in the Tickle His Pickle book, which I'm donating to you for research. I'm finding the illustrations very amusing. And it's very educational! Did you know that another name for the one of my favorite teasing places is the "Taint?" The perineum is nicknamed the "TAINT" because if you say this fast: it ain't the balls it ain't the butthole, you get TAINT! LOL! But this chapter caught my eye. . .
Taste or Not To Taste (Now I know why the guys taste best on the Tropical Islands)
If you want a tastier guy, here are the secret ingredients: strawberries, papaya, mango, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple and honey.
Here's a Recipe for a Come Sweetener:

Smoothie Sweetener

2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
6 hulled strawberries
1/4 cup blueberries

1 cup peaches, sliced
1 banana
1 tsp. powdered sugar
4 ice cubes
Blender on high
Down the hatch
Enjoy love juice tonight!!


  1. W-o-w! He looks AMAZING!

    The drink sounds like a great idea! I'm going to have to try that one out on my husband and see if it works! The sweeter the better!

  2. OMG coming to a store near you right next to the Equal LOL. Love it!

  3. The Smoothie Sweetener sounds delicious. You'll have to let us know if it's doubly so, Noelle;)

    Marcello is not in a happy place. Is he sneering because he's sunburned and has sand up his butt? Whatever. He needs an attitude adjustment. Plus, I'm wondering what the point is of almost removing his tiny trunks just to push the goods down with four fingers? *snark*

  4. His hair is so beautiful. I wouldn't mind sitting there with him and running my hands through his hair and a few other places. That should wipe off the sneer his face. :D

  5. Aw, ladies! Give poor Marco a break! He's doing his best to look sexy with sand on his YD and up his butt crack, sun in his eyes, and a sunburn on his chest.
    Poor Marco... Come to the Cat Master. She'll soothe your hurts and make you smile!

  6. Really, You're so Right Cheryl. We'll rinse that sand off his Y/D & butt crack and give him a nice Smoothie Sweetner to cleanse his parched palette and sweeten his Zetithian Snard for us CBEB'ers to SIP.
    And to correct my Typo(my O is missing on my keyboard).
    That Last sentence should read: ENJOY LOVE JUICE TONIGHT!!!
    I'm cracking up over your Comments. Further More, I tried this recipe. And it had fun and amusing results. Especially if you dump the rest of the contents on your Man and Sip it up through a Straw. LOL!!

  7. Mary G.
    I'm rolling on the floor. Coming to the Store near you right next to the Equal. Right!! All tucked in beside Splenda and Stevia.
    Also in the Planned Parenthood Aisle of Walmart. Located near the VCR's and Rainbow condoms and flavored lubricant.

  8. LOL Donna. We're laughing now but someday someone will market it & we'll kick ourselves for not trademarking it. We can call it Cheryl's Chugar LOL.

  9. Where is Alicia? She needs to try this out and see if it's true and report back! The drink sounds great, especially if you had a little rum to it! And like Donna says, if you can't get him to drink it, licking it off is probably just as good.

    MaryG-you're probably right! I bet something exists already...but it only made it to the shelves at those "special" stores. :)

  10. LOL! I wondered about the LIVE juice thing, Donna. Will go in and correct that....
    I will say that I made this for Budley twice now, and have yet to catch him long enough to put it to the test. Go for it Noelle! We need confirmation!

  11. Happy to report that this definitely works! After all, I've had the book for a couple of years. I have a man that I see (OK, blow!) on occasion, and he has a smoothie every day for breakfast. His cum is tastier than most, that's for sure. Although he is originally from New Zealand, so he is a Kiwi - maybe that is a factor!

    Another good factor, in addition to almost every fruit, is Celery. Food to avoid is asparagus. Also, Red Meat, Coffee, and Alcohol are negatives. But you can't have it all! My Kiwi friend and I have red wine together (OK, I get him drunk!), so if the Blower is going to drink wine, only fair that the Blowee gets to as well!

  12. You beat me to it, Alicia! A new Zealand man, huh? Intriguing! I'm still going to try it out (maybe later after I hit the grocery store and hide all the wine and coffee. I've got a lot of produce to buy!) and report back! My husband is Italian so we can compare notes!

    Any other countries out there we can compare? Come on Yah-yah's!

    Cheryl, you just need to tie Budley down and turn on your Cat Master charm! How could he resist? ;D

  13. Right on Alicia !! You have had lots more practice. I'm so glad to hear KIWI's Taste So good. You gotta love those fuzzy balls!! We need to find someone from New Zealand.

  14. OMG normally I'd be saying TMI but this is fascinating info.

    I'm watching Australian Open tennis
    and I'll be thinking about the down under from the guys down under LOL.

    Blower & Blowee - Alicia , I'll never look at my email while I'm at work again. I don't know how to laugh silently.

  15. LOL! The timing just hasn't been right, Noelle. But not for long!

  16. Donna, my Kiwi friend is a cutie. Our Cat Master may have a shot of his glutes, if their CBEB worthy!

    Noelle, can't wait to hear what your research determines! But better not hide the coffee. He might get cranky if he gets sleepy, and you don't want to give him a BJ if he's all surly.

    Mary G, when you go down Down Under, the "Cheryl's Chugar Juice" spins the opposite way going down the chute!

  17. *Starts drooling* I think I'm thirsty...