Monday, September 23, 2013

Break time...

I've been taking a break from blogging to get more home improvement stuff done, and so far, there are no major disasters to report. I stained and varnished the woodwork for the next window replacement in the GARAGE as opposed to my bedroom. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to stain and varnish the windows themselves after they're installed in the living room. It's a good thing that carpet is also slated for replacement, or I'd be a lot more concerned. I learned a few things the last time, chief among them not to try to do everything in one day. These things go best if you do them in stages allowing recovery time in between. *;) winking

While on my "break," I actually read a couple of books. I read The Soldier by Grace Burrowes

and Luscious by Amanda Usen,

both of which were quite good. Be careful reading them, though. Grace's book will make you want to bake apple tarts and Amanda's will have you craving pasta and wine--among other things. Speaking of apples, you might want to check out my pal Mellanie Szereto's apple pie recipe.

I'm still waiting on edits for the erotic contemporary series so I can decide whether to accept the offer or not. No news on the cover of Rebel yet, either. Apparently they thought I meant that it was the color of the background clashing with Onca's red hair rather than the fuchsia lettering. Hopefully the clarification helps, but you never know.

Right now, I'm counting the hours until tonight's premier of The Voice. I didn't realize how much of a break it gave me to watch that show until after last season's finale when I could find absolutely no excuse for sitting in front of the TV in my recliner. I need some Adam and  Blake banter to perk me up and make me smile.


  1. I'm looking forward to the VOICE's the most honest of the "vocal" competition shows, and the hosts are the mostest!! I'm a fan of Burrowes writing too, and her characters are great!

  2. The VOICE lived up to my expectations.

  3. I need to get back to some of my home improvement projects. They seem to be never-ending!

    And the rest of that half bushel of apples is waiting on me too...

  4. Time for me to dive into some home improvement too. My son (and baby) left for college early this morning...This one is hard to let go of. He's been special since his birth and now the kids are gone -- but not far away, yah. He'll be home in 2 weeks for the weekend. He's only 40 miles north in Corvallis at OSU but still -- he's not here and the house is empty but the 2 of us. Now to clean house! I hope the comments about the cover of Rebel helped. I am an artist at heart and I have an eye for color and harmony. I really wish I could work for Sourcebooks cover department. I'd be right at home there.

  5. Book recommendations are always a good thing. My list of to read books is so long now it's not even funny though lol.

  6. Grace Burrowes new one - Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait is on sale today at B&N ebook for $4.55!

  7. Wow! A lot has changed since I checked in last, Cheryl. Miss the hunks, but I still enjoyed catching up! I have a never ending 'to read' book list that I need to get started on and soon! I'm hoping to make a dent this winter. :D