Monday, September 9, 2013

Free and Unbridled!

If all goes well, Unbridled should be available for a free download from Amazon sometime today--probably 3AM Eastern time. Any spreading of the word would be greatly appreciated!

Had some interesting developments this past weekend. Sourcebooks made an offer on one of my early manuscripts plus another new book to go with it. I haven't decided to accept the offer, but I'm definitely leaning in that direction. It's an erotic contemporary romance that involves cowboys. *:D big grin

Also, I got the cover for Rebel. I'm not sure I'm supposed to use it yet, but it's pretty awesome. They even gave Onca red hair! In the meantime, I've been working on the edits to Rebel, and I really think all you Cat Star fans will enjoy it.

Speaking of which, better get back to work...


  1. I'll spread the word!! We like Free and Unbridled!!

  2. As to the Sourcebooks offer...I'd investigate it. I discovered you via a DISCOVER A NEW LOVE Chat and they've been promoting their stable of authors pretty well from their footprint on the blogs with tours and giveaways. I know they've put you off and put you off but they have a pretty big reach for an audience/purchasers. I'm not sure I would have been following you if it weren't for Sourcebooks as I don't look for indie authors... It's almost unforgivable putting you off for over a year with Rebel but give it a thought as far as the audience you could potentially reach. I've liked everyone from Sourcebooks I've worked with so far.

  3. Thanks, Donna!

    @Glittergirl. There's a lot to be said for being a "hybrid" author, the audience reach being the main factor in addition to offering me a pretty decent advance. I'm waiting for my editor to finish reading the book and see what she thinks of it as a whole. LOL! She may decide she doesn't want it after all!