Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snowy Tuesday Gingerbread!

After all the spring flowers I've posted here lately, it seems pretty strange to have snow to report. I wasn't expecting it at all, but Sunday night, it freakin' snowed. However, in light of the recent bout of thunderstorms and devastating tornadoes, a gentle little snowfall wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Still, if you look very closely at this next photograph, you can see a couple of robins out there in the snow under the pear tree.

Peaches and Bugsy seemed a bit baffled by it all, and I really can't blame them. One day we're out picking flowers and the next, we're leaving footprints in the snow.

What with all of this winter weather, I got the itch to bake some gingerbread. Interesting stuff, gingerbread. According to the King Arthur Flour cookbook (which is where I found this recipe), in the medieval days of merry old England, ginger and pepper were the only spices readily available. Therefore, gingerbread was the most popular sweet treat during holidays and festivals for at least a thousand years.

I guess times haven't changed all that much, because I had all the ingredients on hand except for the buttermilk. I substituted regular milk and it turned out fine. The sweeteners can also be varied according to taste and availability, just use 1 1/2 cups of whatever you have. You can also substitute corn or maple syrup for the molasses if you like.

So, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and get ready for an age-old treat!


3/4 stick of butter
1/2 cup molasses
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1 egg
2 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
3/4 cup buttermilk

Cream the butter until light. Continue beating as you add sweeteners 1/2 cup at a time and then the egg. Beat until light and fluffy. Blend the dry ingredients together and add them to the butter mixture alternately with the milk. Pour into a greased  9 inch cake pan. Bake 45 minutes and enjoy with the medieval hunk of your choice!


  1. WOW! This guy would make a contender in the contest to fill the role of Jamie Fraser in the potentially upcoming movie of THE OUTLANDER!!

  2. He is nice, isn't he? Unfortunately, this pic is from the Playgirl archives. His name is Allen James, but I have no idea how old he is now.

  3. I haven't seen the Robins yet. But I see the snow out my window too. And I love this guy. He's a true Redhead. Do you yah yah's realize how rare this photo is? When was the last time we've seen a guy with red groin hair on CBEB? Do red heads guys just not pose nude? Being it's tasty tuesday. It's Oreo's 100th birthday. How do you like to eat your Oreo's? Dip them, lick them, sneak them?

  4. I was going to wait till tomorrow to come out of lurkdom, thinking that WWW was as good a day as any to say hello to all the yah yahs, but today's stunning man candy helped me decide that today was a much better day to make an appearance!!!The last several months have been quite trying-but know that I have visited here often and have been keeping up on the news as much as I can.

    Cheryl, it's unfortunate that this guy may be from some year's old Playgirl file...I like him. A lot. It'd be fun to see more of him!!! The snow is beautiful too!

  5. Long time, no see, girl! Good to have you back! I'm glad things have settled down for you, and I hope they stay that way.
    I have one more picture of this fellow, and in it, he's wet, soapy, and smiling!

  6. Welcome back Lurking Lip lock Lisa! do you want to lip lock with him?

  7. The snow is so pretty, I miss it, we don't often get it here in this part of Virginia. And speaking of Medieval hunks,has anybody watched Full Metal Jousting? There are a couple of hunks that do look like they could have come right out of King Arthurs court. Wouldn't mind seeing them without their armor! Todays hunk is cute, a little young for me.

  8. Cheryl, you tease!

    Hey DD, I told u I'd be back soon!

  9. But the question about the new photo, "is he hard?" *you knew I couldn't resist*

    A great big YAH-YAH welcome back to Helyce aka Lisa. Missed you, girl. Life does get in the way, does it not. I'm still catching up from going off grid myself for awhile.

    @Suzy. I'll have to think on him as Jamie Fraser...not sure he's large enough for a strapping highlander and what he'd have under his kilt;)

    @Diva Donna. Your right, it is rare to see a nude redhead. Might have to do a search on this.

    As far as Oreo's I buy some about once a year (double stuff) and then split them to eat:)

    @Susan. Well shit...they're ALL too young for me but this is CBEB fantasy land and I love this naughty little interlude each day. *big smile*

    Book recommend for mature YAH-YAHs who like an occasional nostalgic read and can relate somewhat to 1927 (the era some of our mothers were raised - mine was born in 1916). This story so had overtones of how my folks raised three daughters in the 1940-50's.

    It's a time-travel story (done in a pleasing manner) with just a smidge of magic. Nook price 2.99 (same for Kindle). If the story appeals, the book is The Violin by Sarah McNeal.

    There's sexual tension but very much in tune with "back then";) Remember when there was sometimes MONTHS and possibly YEARS of foreplay? *snort* (I KNOW, almost impossible to now grasp and not something I necessarily agree with;) This was a first read of this author.

  10. Wow on the hunk. I love the snow pictures. The dogs look very perplexed lol.