Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tasty Tuesday Bahama Mama!

Hey gang! Spring has been with us a week, so I guess it's time to start thinking about summer and hanging out (HA!) at the pool. Donna is pretty sure this is the same guy as last week's Whopper. Still think it's fake? She sent me this recipe for you doubters, which is guaranteed to make you feel more, um, trusting....

Here's a  tasty Poolside drink recipe to go along with the Poolside hunk!

Bahama Mama

0.5 oz Rum
0.5 oz Malibu rum
1 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Orange Juice
0.5 oz Grenadine
Method: Prepare in a blender
Glass: Tulip
  1. Blend the coconut-flavored rum and the regular rum, the grenadine syrup and the juices, along with about a cup of ice cubes in a blender until slushy.
  2. Pour into a tulip glass and enjoy with your pool man!


  1. A new meaning for "give it a rest"!

  2. Too funny, Mary!!

    All I can say is...wow.

  3. He'd NEED to rest after carrying THAT around all day!

  4. I always loved to have eat hotdogs when I am at the pool.

  5. Is this real or Photo-shopped? If not, I'm with Lizzie--wow!

    Quick hijack: my book, Rule Number One, is now available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Number-BookStrand-Publishing-Romance-ebook/dp/B007NJP75O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332809269&sr=8-1.


  6. Mary G. My first thoughts exactly!! LOL Susan that's not just a hot dog springing from that gorgeous nest. I'm thinking more like a large bologna that about to bust it's seam. Liz that's a WOW alright.
    Nan I loved reading Rule Number One and I'd think we'd have to add a rule number two: Don't date a guy with anything bigger than a polish sausage.
    And I really think if Alicia eats this, she'll get a major gas problem.

  7. Speaking of "gas", Diva Donna, you know I'm gonna "fill my tank" with that thang! I'd never pass on a boy like that. Hey, the Fellatrix knows she takes as much as she likes and leaves the rest. Besides, Guys with Gargantuan Schlongs need love too!

  8. I've always loved playing with those noodles in the pool. I'm pretty sure that thing'll float! He floats my boat anyway.

  9. LMAO!! I so agree Mary G. Alicia that's a mouth full or as you said a full tank. And I want to believe that floating noodle is the real deal. Alicia takes a taste and let us know for sure is it Bologne or real meat.

  10. @Cheryl. I think it is the same hunk but it never hurts to look again even if I think it's not real:)

    @Mary G. You are the Goddess of one liners. LMAO.

    @Diva Donna. It's going to have to be EITHER -- OR. One Bahama Mama and I'd be napping.

  11. Well Queen Yah-Yah it's your Choice, which will give you most pleasure. One will probably give you pain and pleasure. And the other. You'll feel no pain now, but tomorrow your head might throb.

  12. LOL Nancy. I only seem to be funny when it doesn't count. I have never won a caption contest. Obviously I can't think under pressure.

  13. Looks like you ladies have been having fun with today's hunk. Me, I think I'll try a Bahama Mama and relax. It's been a very long day.

  14. Thanks, Cheryl!! Appreciate it! Please rate and review if you're inclined, okay?

    I'm still not convinced this is really his...it's...it's not natural...and kinda scary... Is it just me?

  15. That poor man needs a sling to carry that thing!

    Yes, Cheryl, it's been a very long day. I think one sip of alcohol would make me face-plant on the pavement...

  16. I can't stop cracking up! You Yah-Yah's make my day with your comments! :D

    The drink sounds yummy!