Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A bit bleary-eyed at the moment...

I spent most of yesterday researching, shopping, and cooking a few traditional Indian dishes as research for the first book of my romantic suspense trilogy. Not bad, but anyone who tells you that ground coriander seed doesn't taste like the leaves of the plant (cilantro) is lyin' to ya! I had to add some other spices to tone it down a bit. Wish I'd inherited the cilantro-loving gene, because the stuff is in EVERYTHING these days.

My agent seems interested in the RS series, so it may get shopped around to a traditional publisher--which means that it'll be ages before anyone gets to read it. My Sourcebooks editor still wants an erotic romance trilogy from me, and she's about to read the Rebel manuscript along with two of my other early manuscripts with the idea of using one or both of them as the start of a new series. Not sure where that will lead, but a lot depends on how things go with Rebel. So far, I'm not having too many good thoughts in that direction.

I was up until midnight on Monday reposting all of the recipes from the old CBEB blog. So they're here if anyone feels the urge to cook. I'd forgotten about a lot of them. When you consider that the first post was in 2009, that's not too surprising. Made me sad to take out the hunk pics, though. I'd forgotten some of the guys, too!

Enough rambling. Enjoy your Wednesday!

PS. I mailed the goodie bag, Susan!


  1. It's really true, about the cilantro "gene"--and there are lots of people who just don't care for it's taste. I like it, but they sure put a TON of it into the Mexican cuisine here in Southern California.

    Cardamom IS used in tea--I happen to live in an area that's attracted a huge influx of Caldeans, who are Iranian (?) christians. Their little grocery stores that have sprung up all over carry some wonderful foods and spices that I've never used before, and I'm having fun! They sell teabags that are flavored with cardamom, and I'm going to send you a few!

  2. Cilantro seems to be growing in popularity all over--a trend I could certainly live without!

    I always have a blast whenever I go into an international/ethnic grocery. I was in one that was like a warehouse in Nashville--at least, I think that's where I was. At any rate, I wasn't in a position to actually buy anything and it just about killed me. It's fascinating! Looking forward to trying the tea!

  3. Hey Cheryl :-)
    I hope all goes well with the manuscripts and "shopping". Your books deserve to be read by mass audiences ;)

    I've been a bit frustrated lately. I've been trying to post on your "secret site" but it won't work. I don't know if it's the "not techy me" or my ancient computer glitching on me. I didn't have probs with the first few days...then it just says "Post a comment" but won't click. Maybe we should try again? glittergirl54 at ymail dot com

    I've been trying to ask you if you have a photo inspiration for Joey Manzetti? I think I fell in book boyfriend love with him, lol.

  4. Someone else had a problem with that, Glittergirl. Go into your privacy settings and under history, make sure you have the "always" option checked for accepting third party cookies. Give it a try, if that doesn't work, I'll re-invite you.

    And sorry, no photo inspiration for Joey, unless you count his resemblance to Alice Cooper!

  5. Thanks Cheryl, I am patiently awaitnig its arrival ! :)

  6. One good thing about Cilantro - other than eating it - it seems to work as a repellent for mammals. I haven't tried it on deer, though.

  7. According to my receipt from the post office, you should receive the goodie bag tomorrow, Susan!