Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chocolate Cherry Cake...with frosting by Willy!

In the course of emailing back and forth with the entire family for today's reunion party, I volunteered to make that chocolate cherry cake recipe that I posted a couple of weeks ago, this time, with the cream cheese frosting. Interestingly enough, one of my nephews responded with this:

Just promise me that Willie will not be involved in making the frosting.  *;) winking

How he knew about Willy was something of a mystery. Everyone else was like, "Is this something I should know about?" My response to that was along the lines of, "Not unless you've been visiting my blog."
Apparently, said nephew had done just that after someone had given him a tip to check out a post that included Willy.

Now, before you all freak out, last time I checked, John was over twenty-one, and probably over thirty. Therefore, he won't be too shocked when he hears the news that yes, Willy did indeed help me frost the cake.

I figure if I flash this picture around enough, no one else will want any cake, which will leave that much more of it for me. *>:) devil 

I'll keep you posted on the outcome of that strategy. Good thing Alicia won't be there or I wouldn't get any cake at all.  *:)) laughing


  1. I like how Willy is by the container that says Rich and Creamy!

  2. Willy coated frosting, yum!

  3. The cake was a hit! Didn't show anyone the picture, but I did find out who suggested that John check out my blog. It was his mother!

  4. That's what we're talking about. "RICH AND CREAMY" I knew Willy had talent. LMAO!! The word got around,.

  5. LOL! Interestingly enough, while I was asked for the recipe several times, no one asked how I'd made the frosting!