Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pretty things

If yesterday was a preview of fall, I'm ready for it! I went out and worked on the flower beds and picked some peppers and okra to pickle. Then I took a few pictures.

After last year's drought, it's a wonder anything is still alive. These guys were getting too invasive for my flowerbeds, so a few years back, I sort of tossed them over into a rough gully underneath the power lines. Needless to say, they were fruitful and multiplied.

It's been a great year for phlox too. I was in Louisville this past weekend, and they were also blooming nicely there.

These are some marigolds that I started from seeds that I collected off the plants I grew last year. The originals were a dwarf variety but as you can see, these are anything but!

It took them a while to get started, but they've really taken off in the past couple of weeks. 

My morning glories also went native. Most of the blooms are this dark, purplish flower which is quite pretty,

but smaller than these--which are the ones I actually planted. I'll have to take a picture in the morning when they're blooming in full force. These were shaded, and were still blooming in the afternoon.

I'm planning a giveaway of the goodie bags I got at RWA Nationals in Atlanta. I'll take some pictures of the stuff and post them on Friday. Be ready to comment for your chance to win!


  1. I adore your flowers and love seeing them...especially the morning glories. Mine are struggling but maybe....

  2. I've had morning glories on that end of the deck for so long, I don't really have to plant them anymore. I have to weed out the volunteers! Hope yours improve!

  3. You're killing me here, Cheryl. Every year is a trial as I begin from new seeds and much angst. I can usually get from seed to seedlings by guarding against critters who eat them. Got them into the ground, against a trellis and then wrapped the seedlings with cheesecloth --- again to stop critters from eating them...most likely the little bunnies. Currently the morning glories (while still protected at the bottom) are making their way up the trellis. It's always a crap shoot. Along with the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories I plant Moon Flowers as well. Jury still out on this year's adventure but at least the plants are still alive :)

  4. That's what I usually plant, but those moonflowers are the devil to get to germinate. Poking holes in them and soaking them helps, but they still aren't very reliable. My Heavenly Blues got crowded out by the, um, bastards from previous plantings. Maybe I should send you some of those seeds. They're pretty tough. I've considered planting the Heavenly Blues in the fall because the wild ones come up a lot earlier than they tell you to plant them on the package.