Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm in Voice withdrawal...

Do any of you out there miss The Voice as much as I do? It's the only TV show I watch, and I feel sort of lost without it--with the result that I keep writing late into the night until all I can think about is diving into bed. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen, but when I don't have the banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to look forward to every week, I don't know when to stop working. Without The Voice, I don't get to meet incredible new talents and cheer them on. I stay at my computer until my hands get numb and my brain shuts down.

This photo was shamelessly stolen from The Voice's Facebook page

I wasn't sure Usher and Shakira could successfully replace Ceelo and Christina last season, but they were a perfect fit for the show--so much so that I'm a little sorry to see the originals return.

This photo was also snagged from The Voice's Facebook page
Sure, I missed Ceelo's outrageous costumes--and a few of Christina's--but I grew to like the replacement coaches as much as the singers they coached. They were genuinely sincere and put so much heart into the job, and it was wonderful to watch their team members bloom.

Yet another blatant theft from The Voice's Facebook page
I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but you can bet that on September 23rd at 8pm Eastern, I'll be in front of the television.

And I won't be writing.

I'll be fantasizing about being coached by Adam Levine.

Do I really have to say where this came from? I think you know by now. . .
Oh, yeah. Team Adam. *getting major goose bumps*  I would so choose him...


  1. I love The Voice also. I would be on team Blake. He's so tall and those tight jeans and that country drawl. I liked that he picked some old country songs for his team to sing last season. Brought back some good memories for this country soul. I also liked Shakira and Usher and would like to see them stay. I read that Christina has changed her looks, so that may be something different. It's the only reality TV show I like. My husband likes Swamp People, but this is mine alone at our house. I can't wait.

  2. Blake would be my second choice. He's a sweetie and I loved all the old songs he brought back too. My husband likes the show as much as I do, but he's not the one who votes. ;)

  3. I too love the Voice. It has become my favorite. It even passed up DWTS on my favorite list. My Hubs watches Duck Dynasty. He laughs out loud at them. But it's so scripted. At least, what comes out of Blake Shelton and Adam doesn't sound scripted. Blake doesn't seem to have a filter. It comes off real. And I really loved Usher and Shakira this past year and would hope they return again. Usher was a great caring coach. I'm still on Team Blake. He's a tall drink of water and just knows how to sing a love song. It's interesting to watch what Ceelo will wear or what animal he'll carry. And With Christina, she's lost weight. I just hope she won't be falling out of her tops. I can hardly stand it. I thought they would be back sooner.

  4. I never got hooked on DWTS, mainly because for a long time, we didn't get an ABC channel. But yeah, the banter is so spontaneous and funny. The best part is when the coaches fight over a singer. I love it!

  5. I am so with you about the Voice. I can't get my hubby to watch that or DWTS. He says they talk too much and have too much "filler". I don't care I love the music and the dancing -- fantasy baby. I can do without Christina. I think she's just mean, too sex absorbed and vulgar, no class. I enjoyed Usher and Shakira much better. Ceelo doesn't do it for me either, I don't get him. As a judge I'd pick Blake because he's caring and will do anything to help the talent but Adam is eye candy for sure. I love watching him, lol. Hey Cheryl, write a book with him as the inspiration?

  6. I'll have to say I preferred Shakira and Usher as well. Too bad they won't be back this season!

    A book inspired by Adam Levine??? Hmm... not a bad idea!