Saturday, August 10, 2013


I may have a solution to the blog/hunk dilemma--actually, there are two possibilities. I could start a Yahoo group and we could do the hunk ogling via email. Or, I can start another blog and restrict who can see it. I would need to compile a list of email addresses to add to the list of "approved" readers. That way no one but those Yah Yahs on the list could see it. I could post the hunks and you all could let loose with whatever you want to say because it would be private. It would require an extra log-in step. Any thoughts?

I'm heading to Fishers for the IRWA meeting today. Will check in when I get back home, but in the meantime....

Nancy Bristow is the winner 
of a free copy of 

Email me (you know the address!) and let me know what format you would like and where to send it!


  1. Lucky Lady, Nancy!! I miss the hunks, but will do whatever it takes to be able to still 'talk' with all of you. I do miss all the lovely man-flesh, but they were only catalysts for the conversations....

  2. I know, Suzy. I'm having trouble coming up with catalysts. Nothing seems to get us going quite like the prime man-flesh did. :(

  3. Woot! Woot! Thank you very much, Cheryl. How cool is it to read that I won a copy of "Unrivaled." I look forward to reading it. Will email you shortly with the deets:)

    And thanks for the congrats from the cool women here:)

    The idea is not to make additional work for you. Since your facebook is not x-rated, couldn't that be your generic connect to public and plus you have a web site so why not just turn this blog into something private member (or maybe it's too late because you opened it as "public"?). The bottom line is there is a solution but we don't want it to pile more work on you than is necessary. If you determine that Yahoo is the best solution, then I can deal. If you decide to make a "secret" page on facebook (I believe "secret" is better than "closed" because activity doesn't show ANYWHERE and only Admin has authority to allow membership) that would also work.

    Whatever. I know I'll be with you as well as your homies;)

    Oh, by the way, we also love your garden/flower/trips/recipe/pet additions WITH the hunks.

    None of us want you to have an unsustainable burden. You have a life just like the rest of us and it's already busy so we need to work out the most palatable and easiest solution for you since you're doing the work and we're having the fun.

    Perhaps others will have some ideas?

  4. Secret Facebook pages, huh? Didn't know about those. This blog can be made private, but I like the idea of being able to post links to it on Facebook--hopefully, to gather some new readers. Honestly, it would be easier to start another blog. I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, congrats, Nancy!

  5. Okay. I did it. Several of you will have received invitations to join the blog by now. Follow the instructions in the email. Anyone wishing to join and willing to keep this new blog a secret from any XXX sites can email me at the usual email address.

    My, isn't this clandestine...