Monday, July 22, 2013

Back Home Again in Indiana...

Sunday, 7:54PM.
At the moment, my feet are killing me, but it's still good to be home. The guys ordered pizza  so I wouldn't have to cook when I got home from the airport. I must've talked nonstop while I unpacked all my stuff. It's amazing how much there is to tell after a conference. I'm sure more stories will occur to me in the coming days, but for now, I'm talked out.

So much new information gets thrown at you over a short period of time, it takes a while to digest it. I went to workshops on marketing (which, as Lynne will tell you, I really suck at) and other workshops on self-publishing that confirmed that I'm doing most things correctly. Even so, what works for one writer may not work for another. Take the old blog for example. It was working for me, but I'm not so sure about the new incarnation. I'm still mulling over the idea of contacting a photographer to get permission to use hunk pics. At the moment, my brain is too fried to make any major decisions, so I'll leave that for when I'm feeling more energetic.

I'll be giving away two goody bags over the next few weeks that will contain free books from the past two RWA conferences. Suzy seemed to have fun with Lori Foster RAGT swag, but the RWA goody bags are mostly books--although I doubt that anyone will complain about receiving free books! I'll keep you posted on the details.

Now I just have to restock the fridge and maybe get the grass cut if the weather cooperates. *sigh* Alas, no one mowed while I was gone--not that I expected them to. I'm just happy to be able to get back to writing. Today was the day I'd hoped to publish Unrivaled. I'd been banking on the good karma of it being my grandmother's birthday, but it ain't gonna happen. Sorry! *:(( crying

Try to enjoy your Monday anyway!


  1. Welcome home, baby! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Glad you made it home safe. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

  3. We did have fun, Loretta. The best part is getting to talk face to face with people you usually interact with via email. Love it!

    Will talk with you soon, Nan!

  4. Welcome home! As usually, I love that you shared your time at the conference. I hope to attend some sort of author/reader event at some point, but so far they are all too far. :( I can't imagine the overwhelming info load and fun times at one of those events. Probably take a bit to settle and get back to real life....mowing the lawn, will certainly do that for you!

  5. Welcome home. It sounded like you had so much fun. I'm seriously thinking of doing San Antonio RWA with Getbck Loretta next July. Helyce please come!!

  6. Thanks, ladies! Would love to see you all, although RWA is more of an author/publishing industry event than it is an author/reader event like RT and some of the others. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a ton of fun and get a LOT of free books!
    The Literacy Signing, which takes place the night before the conference actually begins, is open to the public, but all other events are part of the actual conference. You don't have to be an RWA member to register, but the fee is higher for non-members.

    Here's the schedule for future RWA conferences.

    July 23–26, 2014 San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter & Marriott Riverwalk
    July 22–25 2015 New York Marriott Marquis
    July 13–16 2016 San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina
    July 26–29 2017 Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin

  7. More info on the conference. Sandy tells me it's open to members first and usually sells out.

  8. We might need to rendezvous at RT. 2014 is in New Orleans, but I think 2015 is in Denver!