Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello from Atlanta!

This may be a short post. The Internet here is very slow, so I may only get a few pictures posted. Or maybe I've just had one margarita too many....

After a very expensive breakfast at the hotel's buffet, Lynne and I found the way through the walkway to the mall.
And discovered a much cheaper place to have breakfast tomorrow!

I don't have any idea what building this is, but it looked interesting.

We did actually make it outside the building for a brief period, but we weren't out long.

I spent the afternoon talking with Sharon Lathan who was headed to the Regency soiree after the Literacy signing looking lovely as always!

Supper was sushi, which was AWESOME!

Then the Literacy signing with my pals Carolyn Brown...

Sandy James,

And me!

I couldn't tell you what I'm doing tomorrow, but surely someone will tell me where to go and what to do. Too tired right now to think!


  1. Looks like you are having a good time, I think that building was a replacement of the YD's we've all been missing! LOL :)

  2. I think that is the Westin Peachtree Plaza building.

    How did you enjoy all the storms last night? I'm just a little NE of there (outside the perimiter) and I know we all had quite a light show!

    I wish I could go down and meet you, but I have to work and am on-call so I'm stuck here.

  3. It sounds busy, fun and Hectic. Susan!! I agree! That's a big Symbolic YD. We do miss them all. Have fun Cheryl. don't get lost. Where's Willie?

  4. Hi Shauntih! It was storming all during the Literacy signing, and rained most of the night. The water trickling on the window sounded like a leaky faucet!

    Thanks for reminding me, Donna! Just got Willy out of my purse and put him in my tote bag! The YDs may be back soon. Just have to sort out a few things.

  5. I wish you could all be here. We'd have a blast!

  6. Enjoyed seeing your trip photos, Cheryl and especially the very large weasel! *snort*

    P.S. I can see from the empty glass that you certainly enjoyed sucking down that big old margarita. Un huh (think Sling Blade sound)

    P.P.S. If we were all there, we'd more than likely get ourselves arrested and then it could get worse because we'd probably pull a Magic Mike on the hot stud cops...and then I'd be like taking pictures of everything which could in turn have the facebook police all up in your face shutting down your page and then....

    (Yikes. I was feeling a little crazy there. It must be that I'm suffering from weasel deprivation;)

  7. LOL! Weasel deprivation is a serious problem! I have a solution, but it'll have to wait until I get home. Tomorrow's blog will have to wait until morning. Internet is too slow tonight.