Friday, July 19, 2013

RWA National's Day One!

Lynne and I started the day with a self-pubbing presentation. For the most part, I'm doing what I need to do, except for marketing. Lynne works in marketing, and she's decided to take on the project of making me successful. Go for it, Lynne! She is seen here (in orange) with fellow IRWA member Judie Aitken. That's Judith Bastin waving the checkered flag so our buddies can find us at the Keynote Luncheon.

After a lunch and terrific keynote speech by Kathy Maxwell, I had a meeting with my agent and a nice long chat with fellow Sourcebooks author Amelia Grey. I'm going to the Sourcebooks dinner tonight, but last night, I wound up at the Fantasy Futuristic &Paranormal chapter's Prism awards ceremony as Sara Humphreys' date, since she was nominated for an award and was allowed to bring a friend. We sat with Terry Spear and Caryn Moya Block.

We hadn't been there long before the announced the winners in the Dark Paranormal category, and Sara won!
Then she won again for Best of the Best!

I joined the FF&P chapter prior to the event. It's the largest chapter in RWA and is conducted online for the most part. I may enter the Prism contest next year. Hey, you can't win if you don't enter, right?

We stayed for the dinner (filet mignon and chocolate cheesecake!) and then met up with a bunch of people in the bar and chatted for a while. Then I went up to the room and tried to blog. No dice. Internet was so slow I waited until this morning. It didn't really speed up until 8:30 when the workshops started.

That being said, I guess I'd better go comb my hair and get going now. Have a great day!


  1. It sounds like you're finding the right people, doing the right things, and eating, drinking and making Merry with Terry, Sara,Caryn in the great Mad Hatter Hat.

  2. Having a great time, Donna! Wish you were here!