Thursday, July 25, 2013

The end is near!

No, not the end of the world. I'm talking about Unrivaled, book 4 of the Unlikely Lovers series. I'm about forty pages from the end of the book as it now stands. Of course, there's no telling what I'll do with those forty pages. I might even trim it down to thirty. *:D big grin

A rewrite of an early work is ongoing proof that my writing skills have improved since I first wrote this story about seven years ago. It's always been one of my favorites, and it's also the place where I left every inhibition in my writing behind. Some of my friends didn't like the hero. Others didn't like the premise. But there are still others who get all dreamy-eyed whenever the original title (The Boy at the Bar) is mentioned. It is for those people that I'm putting in so much time on the rewrite.

But they aren't the only ones I'm writing it for. Perhaps the best advice I took away from RWA Nationals was that you have to write to please yourself. I have always written what I wanted to read, and if it didn't fall within the mainstream, well, that's just too freakin' bad. I grew up reading Mary Stewart's romantic suspense novels and Georgette Heyer's Regencies. After I'd read them so many times I had to buy new copies, I began branching out. I tried some of what a friend called her "Lust in the Dust" books. They left me thirsty for something better. I tried various Harlequin lines and found a few keepers, but most were exactly like the one that came before it. Many of the heroes were so unlikeable, I couldn't help labeling the heroine as too stupid to live for falling in love with such a jerk. I read a bajillion Regency romances and never found another Georgette Heyer. Many came close, but although her writing stands the test of time, nobody writes like that anymore--not with the humor and flair for the period that she possessed.

It's been said that I created my own genre when I wrote the Cat Star books. Maybe I did, and it struck a chord with a lot of readers. My readers have been loyal throughout a very long series. They've watched me change from first person to third, from rookie author to someone with a bit more experience under her belt, and now, from paranormal to contemporary.

I hope you're all enjoying that last change, but after Unrivaled is finished, I'm heading back to the stars. *;) winking


  1. I love the heroes that you write about, I can't stand when the hero is an unbelievable jerk.

    Yay, back to the stars! I can't wait to here about your next project/series :D

  2. I've always preferred to make the conflict some external force or a misconception of some kind, not that the hero and heroine can't stand each other!

    The subject of my next series will be more apparent when Rebel comes out. ;)

  3. I do feel as if you created your own genre, Cheryl, a genre we all love. Excited for new stuff! :D

  4. Nobody builds worlds like you do, Cheryl. Looking forward to the new venture into the stars and new fantasies. You're the best, baby!

  5. I'm looking forward to the last in this series. Are you saying it will be the best? I better get the extra Ice hauled in then early. Looking forward to your return trip to the stars. Or beyond.

  6. I can't wait for the new series, Cheryl! You have some great plans for those books!

  7. Your reading journey is much like mine though your talents run towards creating the stories while mine are creating with textiles and paper. I too became frustrated with the Harliquin category romance and found Bertrice Small and Sergeanne Golon. I was then off and running being a devoted romance reader. Thanks so much for adding to our reading pleasure by sharing your fabulous imagination =)

  8. Thanks, Ladies! I'm looking forward to the return to the stars. Contemporaries are great, but they don't let me use my imagination enough. Can't wait to get started!

  9. It sounds like you have a good plan working, Cheryl.

    I finished Undeniable a few days ago and I'm still trying to absorb what I read. *grin* To say I was shocked out of my drawers is to put it lightly.

    Remember ~ when I read one of my favorite authors, I don't generally read hype, blurbs or excerpts ahead of time because I want the book to be a surprise.

    Well woman...I honest to God got the surprise!!! I'm still noodling about whether or not I could ever be so open minded. The book being way sexy hot is not the issue because it was that...whew!...but the thing is, as a reader I put myself in the heroine's place no matter what story/book/genre I'm reading and as hot/sexy/sweet as the hero was I was asking myself if I could really go with the flow. I'd like to say yes but honestly, I don't know.

    Then I go on...if Cheryl walked in on hubs...and he was...what would her reaction be?

    I know, just because you write about stuff doesn't mean you do it and maybe my thoughts are just because we've been friends for so long and it's a byproduct or an extension of knowing the author;) Then I smile because you do indeed, have a fertile imagination.

    Other readers will not be envisioning Budley and what your real reaction might be;)

    Queen YAH-YAH is perhaps bat shit KNOW she's being deprived and she KNOWS it's not your she's leaving you today with big {{Hugs}}

  10. LOL! I must say, I have never walked in on the hubs in any of those situations! That book was sort of a gift for a friend of mine who wanted something incredibly hot--and she had a few, um, requests. ;)

  11. Your contemporary series has been great so far, but the stars are what lead me to you in the first place. Keep on using that imagination of yours. It helps us, the readers, use our imagination a little more each time we read one of your books. Can't wait for Rebel and the new series.

  12. Thanks, Tanya! Too bad it'll be at least next July before you can read any of the new stuff. I'm waiting until after Rebel comes out to release the new series, and that won't be for another year!