Sunday, July 28, 2013


It seems that Amazon is discounting hardcover bestsellers.
But that's not all they're discounting. I recently dropped the price of Unbridled to 99 cents. Then I raised it back to $2.99 a couple of days ago. I checked it last night and saw that they're discounting back to 99 cents. I'm hoping they only did it because the price was also 99 cents on Barnes and Noble for the same time period, (I changed that price, as well) but I'm not so sure. God only knows my dinky little self-pub isn't a hardcover bestseller. I'm small potatoes compared to just about everyone else in this business, and if this trend continues, that isn't going to change anytime soon.
The weird thing is, I've seen an increase in sales. I guess people are more willing to buy something that they think is a bargain. 
Color me confused. *:-/ confused


  1. That is strange. I didn't know Amazon could just randomly change prices on indie pubbed books. They can do that? Great that you're seeing an uptick in sales though--the more you sell, the better known you become!

  2. Yep, they can do it b/c when you publish, you agree that your book won't be for sale at a lower price at any other retailers. They price-match whatever the lowest price they can find online.

  3. Yeah. I'm guessing some other site discounted to 99 cents after I dropped the price on Amazon and B&N because I'm pretty sure the price changed to $2.99 on B&N before the change went through on Amazon. Confusing!