Sunday, July 7, 2013

My, my, my....

I see the number of hits on the blog are way, way down. Clearly many of my viewers were only here for the hunks, either that or people aren't coming back to look at the pics of my flowers as often as they did the dicks. Ah, well. Can't blame anyone for that. *;) winking

Since my blog posts were still feeding into that adult bookmark site, despite my takedown request, I changed to a new url. Sorry if it's caused any confusion. This new blog address isn't showing up on the search engines yet. I'm hoping that will change soon.

My fellow Sextet author and cover artist, Bethany Michaels ( ) sent me the final versions of the Unrivaled cover yesterday. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have already seen the bookmark she designed for me, and I've also added it to the banner at the top of the blog--yet another painstaking process I didn't have time for. Writing blogs and taking my own pics eats up a lot of time. Posting hunks was quicker!

Here's the bookmark.

I thought it turned out rather well, except that the printer put a white border around it. I'd have liked it better without that, but these DYI printers are particular about keeping stuff inside the dotted lines.

I'm about two thirds of the way through Unrivaled. I keep getting bogged down over a few sentences, trying to get them just right. My blurb writing experience helps when it comes to whittling them down, but even that takes time.

However, I did take a break long enough to watch The Big Lebowski last night. I'd never seen it before, and since my son considered that to be horrific omission in my cultural education, Budley rented it from Netflix.

While it was entertaining, one vital point bugged me throughout the entire film, even distracting me from the humor at times. The question in my mind was this:

Where did he get the money to live on????? 

I mean, even unemployment runs out after a while, and I got the distinct impression that he hadn't worked in years. If anyone can answer that question, please post a comment. Whoever makes me laugh the loudest will win the Unlikely Lovers ebook of their choice!


  1. As my mother used to say....He must have lived off his good looks! :)

  2. I think it's so obvious. He lives off his Big Lebowski!!

  3. Maybe he had a Sugar Mama we didn't know about(it's been awhile since I've seen it)