Saturday, July 27, 2013


Sam got his braces off on Thursday morning, and last night, he ate corn on the cob--effectively--for the first time in his life. After dinner, he was eating an ice cream taco when I noticed he was having trouble biting through the outer shell, which was a bit on the chewy side. With his open bite now closed, he should have been able to do that.
Then I realized he didn't know how.
His front teeth had never met well enough to allow him to bite off anything that truly required the use of his incisors. When they took the impression of his teeth before putting on the braces, about the only teeth that actually touched were his canines--which explained his preference for softer foods. 


So I showed him how to put his teeth together and bite.

This is just one more of life's milestones that most people take for granted. Now Sam can eat corn on the cob...

And after!
...and I think that's pretty cool.


  1. What a great smile and how exciting to have a "first" experience, no matter what age. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Every milestone with Sam has been an exciting event--but perhaps the biggest was when he passed the reading comprehension portion of the ISTEP test, which meant he would actually graduate from high school. For that one, I screamed!

  3. That *is* cool!! Yay for Sam, and for you. I agree with Mary, Sam has a great smile!! =)

  4. LOL! He's already talking about getting Chinese takeout next week. He hasn't been able to eat crab rangoons since he got his braces!

  5. He looks like such a happy guy,and I would indulge in the crab rangoons too! :)

  6. Woo congratulations to Sam! :)

  7. He is VERY happy, Susan! He's been counting the days!

    Thanks, Ana!

  8. Awesome!!! He has a great smile. :)