Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Last Piece of Pie

First of all, I'd like to tell you all how much I appreciate and cherish your support with the whole blog issue. Please bear in mind that no one is telling me to take down the blog--only that one post--and the photographer actually seemed more interested in being given credit and having a link posted to his Facebook page than he was in having it removed. That being said, I'm reading the handwriting on the wall and taking these first steps on my own. If anyone chooses to snag any of my photos for their own nefarious purposes, so be it. That's what you get for posting stuff on the Internet. Once it's out there, it doesn't belong to you anymore.
But I digress...

There's something rather sad about July 5th. The parties are over and the fireworks are done, their charred remnants littering the yard like stinking cigarette butts. It's especially nasty if it rains before you can pick up the mess. For once, it didn't rain, but we did have a few bottle rockets that didn't quite make it off the launch pad. I'll admit to not enjoying the show much since I'd just received the email about deleting that infamous photo. I wasn't paying much attention, and I was actually shaking.

The Fourth had begun as a great day for me. Sam and I cleaned the house in the morning, then I went to the store, came home, and started cooking. There are a lot of people who say they hate to cook. I am not one of them. There's a certain creativity to cooking that is similar to writing a book. I came up with a couple of new recipes, which I will post at a later date, and I enjoyed every minute it--even washing the dishes afterward.

Sam had asked for a chocolate pie for the Fourth, so, for the first time in ages, I made one. He cut it into wedges and served it up himself. The next day, he had pie for breakfast, then asked if he could have another piece. I said, "Sure, go ahead." He ate it and went off to work. I looked at that pie, still sitting on the table and saw it as a thing of beauty. The meringue was over an inch thick--even thicker than the pie filling itself. So I took a picture of it.

Then I looked out the window and saw a rabbit nibbling the grass between the piles of wood left from having the dead tulip poplar cut down. My trusty watchdog, Peaches, was snoozing on the deck not twenty feet from that rabbit.

I realized then that I hadn't taken many pictures of the yard this year. I'd gotten so used to posting hunks, I hadn't bothered. So I went out in my nightie and slippers--the horses neighed at me thinking I was coming to feed them--and I took some pics.

The phlox is especially pretty this year, particularly since the climate has been more like England than Indiana. Those yellow flowers were supposed to have been cosmos, but when they sprouted, they looked so much like ragweed, I almost pulled them up. I'd compared the leaves and seen a very slight difference, so I let them go. And they bloomed! I'm still not sure what they are. Can anyone identify them?

This tree lily is at least three years old and had never bloomed. Needless to say, it was worth the wait. I can smell it anytime I go out on the porch.

These are some other tree lilies. Not as spectacular, perhaps, but certainly more prolific.

I took a few more pictures, mostly of the dead tree in the back yard. I've been slowly shuttling the pieces small enough for me to carry in my wheelbarrow over to the woodpile on the other side of the house, but some of them are too big to budge. Budley counted the rings and determined that this tree was forty years old, and the oak that we also had to cut down was sixty. I guess we can blame their deaths on global warming--or at least last year's drought. Either way, it makes me very sad.

So, after taking one more picture of Peaches,

I went back in the house and ate the pie.


  1. I have to say this was a touching and insightful entry. sometimes we forget whats around us, what we have and also what we've lost.

    the tree tulip is beautiful.. what is its real name I would love to try and find one?

  2. I ordered the lilies from Breck's. The darker one is called Purple Prince, and the red and white one is called Garden Pleasure. Interestingly enough, I got an ad for them in the mail just a few days ago, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to tell you their names! I'm thinking of getting a few more. You can order them online at

  3. Cheryl, That's a beautiful walk about.Your gardens are still so pretty. I missed seeing Peaches and your fun story telling. And I need the recipe for the pie. At least you got exercise before you ate it. LOL!! I can't see the flowers very well. But that yellow flower looks like the Tickseed Coreopsis. A very hardy prolific plant. What hunk picture caused all the stir anyhow?

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. I can't wait for our move in a couple of years,where I will have a nice big yard again for flowers and veggies.And maybe even a horse. :)

  5. Thanks, Donna! I was leaning toward coreopsis, but wasn't sure.
    The photo in question was a Friday Fun pic with the guy doing a pushup off the headboard with his YD pointing down at the bed. It got quite a few good comments. Apparently he wasn't particularly fond of that shot, but wanted credit for it anyway.
    I believe I've posted the pie recipe before, but since that post isn't there anymore, I'll post it again. I may go back and repost all of the recipes, minus the hunk pics.

  6. Thanks, Susan! Hope you can make the move soon. I love having horses, even though I don't ride anymore.
    I've also cut back on my gardening. Last year was such a total loss, I decided not to plant squash or cucumbers in the hope that the vine borers would go elsewhere. Now I'm having a problem with the deer. I-69 is going through just north of my place, and a lot of wildlife have been displaced as a result. I've been using some stuff called Invisible Fence, and it works pretty well, but I forgot to spray again the last time I mowed, and I lost a bunch of rosebuds overnight!

  7. Hey, Cheryl, your blog is lovely. We'll all miss your hunks, but I love hearing about your life and your writing experiences just as much as seeing the guys. Your yard looks fabulous. Just talk to us--that works! Big love, baby!

  8. Thanks, Nan! Glad you were able to find the new web address. I'm hoping those who follow the blog will still receive the notifications. Breaking new ground here...

  9. You have a beautiful yard. At least the rains have helped. I live in Texas and we have been on water ration since May. Needless to say I don't have a lot of pretty plants. My roses barely make it and if it's not the drought, it's the grasshoppers. I would love for you to re-post the recipes when you have time. I have made quite a few for my family. Keep posting the pictures.

  10. That's the way it was here last year, Tanya. Hot as blue blazes and not a drop of rain all summer. This year is the exact opposite.
    I'm going to go back through and repost the recipes, but it may take me a while!