Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Woes

First of all, I'm sorry for the lack of juicy YDs, Alicia. That is, if you've found the new blog yet. Wednesdays used to be a matter of scrolling through the hunk files. Now I actually have to write something. *;) winking

I'm writing this at 4PM Monday afternoon. Basically, I'm exhausted and wondering how in the world I used to keep up with thirty acres, a house, three guys, assorted critters, and a full time job. I went out right after lunch and did the weed whacking, then mowed the yard as well as the paddock and partway around the fence. I fear that neither I, nor my trusty John Deere, will ever be quite the same again. I got off the lawn tractor feeling about a hundred years old, did a bit of maintenance (on the tractor, not me) and hit the shower. Well...maybe I did do some maintenance on me--that is, if a shower and a dose of ibuprofen count.

But before that, I took some pictures! There aren't any whopping weasels, but at least these pics don't violate anyone's copyright.

I got my new Unlikely Lovers postcards on Saturday. I thought they turned out rather well. Just wish I'd thought of the color border thing before I had the last batch printed. These are much prettier and none of the image got cropped off.

One of the other tree lilies bloomed. It's not as tall as the others, but I think it's rather pretty. I don't know the name of this one. It's different from the collection in the latest Breck's flier.

My Queen of the Prairie is also in bloom. I usually miss it because it's in the gully behind the garage. Since the guys cleaned the brush and trees out from under the power lines, I can actually see it from the barn. I planted three of them out there, and for years I thought they were dead, but here they are!

Okay. Better stop now. It's almost five o'clock and I haven't started on dinner. Happy Hump Day!

Hmm... Wishing you a Happy Hump Day doesn't have quite the same impact as it did when there was actually a hunk here to get you in the mood, does it? Sorry. *:(( crying


  1. Well, I've never heard of Tree lilies. They're beautiful. I have lots of Lilies in bloom. I know it was our normal day for humping those Whoopers. But we need to just image what could go on out behind the barn in those tall gardens and Trees. I'm sure lots of whooper humping could be going on. And you just can't show it. But we know it.

  2. Yeah. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

  3. Woes me,with no wonderful Wednesday whoppers. What shall we do? I guess we just keep reading your great books and use our imagination. :O

  4. Nice Postcards, Cheryl and I love the flower pics. Your yard must be gorgeous! Don't worry about the hunks...just keep us entertained with your own life and's all okay!

  5. Sounds good, Susan!

    Thanks, Nan! Just wish there was something new blooming out there every day. I'm running out of stuff to photograph. ;)

  6. Hey Cheryl and Amigos...I didn't lose you at all. "The Change" just happened at the same time I was going into computer withdrawal mode. I do this occasionally in order to regroup or sometimes it's just because other things take priority for awhile.

    Of course some of us adapt to change easier and faster than others and I'm not altogether sure if I'm in that group or not. I am an old bitch after all. ;) *snort*

    You do know how much I loved making rude, crude, sassy, snarky, comedic and inappropriate comments about our daily hunks (nothing personal to the hunks, mind you, but rather a payback for being raised in an era where women were on the "receiving" end...and that was with all of our clothes on). I loved that at CBEB it could be reversed for a change and it was just great gobs of fun wallowing in all of our outrageous comments. (Hey, if one sticks his/her nude body out there on the internet, one takes their chances for positive or negative feedback. Just sayin'). Anyway, overall to me it was high camp and done with lots of creative license and humor.

    So, here we are on the cusp of change. Certainly our love for you as an author and hostess with an open mind hasn't changed but the focus of the blog has and that's sad:( Like you said, a bummer.

    At least weekly, you provided show n'tell material (recipes, flowers, garden, pets, trips) in addition to the hot man flesh so it's a matter of transition of the lost of an organ, measured in inches and circumference, hard as nails, soft as pudding, either standing at attention or waiting to be in such a state while his two pals just kind of hung out. This, then is the lost we've sustained and are now mourning. It will take time to recover and move forward. As you've basically said, you are mourning with us. I don't, nor do I think others, blame you in any way for doing what you think is in your best interest regarding your blog.

    Satisfying your friends and fans insatiable appetites for things long and strong was never an easy task and you did a magnificent job. Forgive me if I'm reeling from you snatching said fine organ(s) from my hands (*grin*) and fantasy mind. And, while fantasy is in the mind, there are those of us who are also very visually oriented. Your chocolate pie had me licking the screen and drooling on the keyboard. Maybe not to the same extent of viewing man meat but still....

    I'm trying to get my head around the missing organs and trying to imagine 365 days of flowers (and I do love flowers/trees/nature) or recipes (honestly I rarely cook) with occasional book news and lets just say, I'm in transition as well as the blog. The new blog can be interesting... we're smart, diverse, intelligent women but the question in my mind is will it meet our creative and naughty sides? Queen YAH-YAH is pondering.

    I'm aware, as I'm sure others are, that a daily blog can be a total pain in the ass no matter what the focus. So Cheryl, the dedication, perseverance, sense of humor and camaraderie in how you handled CBEB was stellar and needs to be acknowledged. Your blog friends were provided with untold amounts of entertainment. Who knows, we may figure out some new form of creative entertainment with words/photos as we go forward. {{Hugs}} xoxo

  7. Queen YAHYAH!! I'm glad you're sorta taking this in stride . A big change like this, is surely hard to handle. But we'll figure it out.

  8. Thanks, Nancy. I've been wondering where you were!
    I'm right there with you on the daily blog thing not being as easy without the guys. If I had nothing whatsoever to say, I could always post a hunk pic and know that my Yah Yahs would take the ball and run with it. I'm not sure there's anything that will completely replace that. Therefore, if you pop in on some days and there isn't a new post, please understand that it isn't because I don't want to talk, it's that I have nothing to say. Perhaps I'll go back to writing some serial type stories here on the blog after I finish writing Unrivaled. But yeah, I'm still in mourning. That blog was a huge part of my life. And I miss it and my Yah Yahs fun comments more than you will ever know.